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Child and Youth Care Center

Senior Management

Althea Daniels

Althea Daniels


Renell Pilay

Sarisha Palavar

Social Worker

Doris Mkhize

Doris Mkhize

Chief Child Care Manager

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The Child Care Workers work a 3 day on and 3 day off shift. They are supervised by the Chief Child Care Manager who resides on the premises. In addition, four new positions were created for shift programme monitors who have been employed to handle crises situations, host programmes with the children and lend support to the children and the staff. The chief child care manager supervises this team of individuals. The children attend the local schools in the areas of Wentworth, Merebank, Montclair and Umbilo.

Their medical needs are attended to at the local hospital, clinics, and a Private Doctor who attends to all emergency cases.

The programmes that are hosted at the Home include the following:

  1. -

    Educational Enhancement Programme where tuition is arranged for those children experiencing specific problems.

  2. -

    Life skills Programmes: Children acquire various skills, crafts, creative ideas to enhance their self esteem.

  3. -

    Social and Recreational Programmes in which the children are engaged in fun activities hosted by external donors or internally by the staff and students place at the Centre.

  4. -

    Reunification Programme: Children are prepared for disengagement Families, significant others and host families are equipped with skills to enable them to cope with the children. Weekend and holiday placements are monitored with a view to the eventual return of the child to the family and ultimately to the community.

The Social Work Department

The social work team comprises of a senior social worker and a social auxiliary worker who render counselling services to our children and their families. Statutory work is also undertaken by the social worker/ social auxiliary worker to ensure that the proper documents for all the children are in order, that the orders are renewed and they attend court when necessary. Appropriate referrals are made to outside agencies where specialised interventions with the child is required eg. Psychological services, therapy to recover from child abuse and so forth. Group therapy is also rendered to the children where children who have common issues are included in a group to work through the challenges facing them.

Life -Skills Programmes

Child and Youth Care workers are engaged in various life-skills programmes with the children.

Karate Lessons

The children and youth are enjoying their weekly lessons by our Karate Instructors in the hall on site.

Good News Club

The children aged 3 years to 12 years engaged in a spiritual programme with activities in the hall with an outside facilitator.

Looking after the gardens and plants

The children enjoy gardening around their cottages.

Girls loving ZUMBA

Zumba lessons at the Hall.