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BEE Opportunity

Socio-Economic development or Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is one of the most simple routes for companies to "give back" to society and to build a strong image as a caring corporate citizen as well as to earn BBBEE points.

You may be aware that the Codes of Good Practice have been amended (11 October 2013, with a transition period to April 2015), however, even under the amended codes, enterprises can still claim up to 5 points on their BBBEE Scorecard by contributing 1% of their NPAT.As a business owner, you will earn points under the 'Socio-Economic Development' category when you donate to St Monica Children and Youth Centre. WE will issue you with an independent letter to verify our compliance, as well as a receipt for you to submit in order to get your points. As organization a registered non-profit organization (NPO) your donation is also tax-deductible.

If you donate 1% of your net profit after tax you will score the maximum 25 points (as long as the registered NPO is compliant and you submit the supporting documentation). This means if your profit is R 1m after tax, you only have to donate R 10 000 and you will score your full 25 points. This will only be till the transition period till April 2015.

Please note that points can only be received for company contributions, so donations from staff members will not be eligible. Corporate sponsors will be given a certificate that can then be submitted to a BBBEE verification agency for points on their BBBEE scorecard.

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