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Our Response to COVID 19

Friday, 20th Mar 2020

At the very core of offering our children a nurturing, and caring environment to reside in, St. Monicas focuses on their well-being and protection.

In light of the address by President Ramaphosa on 15th March 2020 in declaring a National state of Disaster and the rising incidence of the virus, we as a Home are undertaking every pre-caution to minimise the risk to our children.

The President in a further address to our nation, stated that "The stark reality is that it is spread through human contact. We can see how it is spreading even with limited contact throughout the world"

We believe that we have a responsibility to inform the public, donors, volunteers and supporters of the steps we have undertaken:

1. All our children have remained at the home for the holidays and are not allowed to go on outings etc
2. All activities and programmes by outsiders/volunteers are on hold
3. There is no access by members of the public or any other persons apart from the staff to the children
4. The public who are dropping of certain items, are allowed as far as our gate where the items are received.
5. Those service providers who enter our home must follow infection control procedures and fill out the
accompanying documents.

We thank you for understanding and prayers for our children and Nation during this difficult time

Kindly feel free to contact us on (031)4688656 or 0824204168 for any queries you may have E-mail:,